Maintaining Your In-Ground Pool: Liners to Covers

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When you have gone to the expensive of installing an in-ground pool, either with a pool kit or by hiring a professional pool contractor, you want to do everything you can to maintain your pool so it will last through years of summer fun.

A great place to start is with swimming pool covers. A pool cover isn’t simply a way of keeping the dirt out of the water. In today’s market you can find a swimming pool cover that is multipurpose.

If you want an environmentally friendly way to warm the water in your pool, look no further than a solar pool cover. These covers were designed to harness the heat from the sun and warm the water in your pool as well as prevent water from evaporating from the pool when it isn’t in use.

Contrary to what you may think, if you are shopping for a solar cover, you should be looking for a cover in a light color not a dark one. The lighter color will allow the sun’s rays to penetrate more directly into the water. A darker colored cover will heat up more rapidly but the effects won’t be long lasting because most of the heat is actually in the cover.

If you are looking to protect your pool for unwanted debris in winter or to protect pets and family from accidental drowning, you want to check out the safety pool covers on the market.

Safety pool covers are just what the name implies, a safe guard. Some are made to withstand thousands of pounds of weight and will be just what you need for protecting children and pets from falling into an unattended pool.

When it comes to aesthetics for your in-ground pool, picking the right pool liner can be the defining piece of the puzzle. Pool liners are a vital part of pool construction. They don’t just add to the look of the pool but they add to the longevity of your pool.

If you are shopping for an in-ground swimming pool liner replacement you will need to have some basic information before you get started. Is your pool a custom size and design? Which style of the many in-ground swimming pool liners do you need? Are you going to install it yourself or have it professionally installed?

In-ground liners come in a variety of styles; overlapping, beaded, and unibeaded. An overlapping liner is just what it sounds like, the liner fits over the top of the pool wall and is held in place with strips and then trimmed after installation.

A beaded style liners attach to clips around the top of the pool wall and unibead pool liners are either fastened to hooks or tracks similar to those used in a beaded liner.

When it comes to maintaining your pool, information is key. Do your research, talk to a professional. You will find liners and covers to fit any style and budget.


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